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    BUDDYZ: The Ultimate Paradise of Toys, Games & More - Emanating Happiness

    Currently, India is home to a legion of child prodigies, wherein most of them have already engraved their talents in the Guinness World Record。 It was recently brought to light that six-year old Sarah from Chennai solved a 2x2 Rubik’s Cube blindfolded in just two minutes and seven seconds while reciting Vairamuthu’s poems。 Also, have you heard about Rohit Balaji, a two year old whiz kid who has cracked above 200 puzzles with his excellent memory power? Aren’t these kids incredible? Absolutely! Well, there are many more stories of child prodigies in India that would leave you awestruck。 Wondering why? It is predominantly because of play and more play。 In fact, learning through play all through the early age and beyond can make wonders in the development of a child in terms of。。。


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